All Purpose Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Medium Port Mouth

All Purpose Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Medium Port Mouth
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Product Description

This stainless steel curb bit has a 5" sweet iron medium port mouth and 6" cheeks.

The sweet iron material, when exposed to saliva/moisture and oxygen creates a surface layer of oxidization - rust - which is what gives the sweet feeling in the horses mouth, encouraging salivation.

Its totally harmless to your horse and there is no need to scrub it off, just a quick wipe with a clean cloth after a ride will keep your bit in tip top shape.

Sweet iron is a nice warm metal in the horses mouth that heats up to body temperature very quickly, encourages salivation and bit acceptance through the flavor. It can become rough with age, but a light sand with some superfine wet/dry sand paper can restore the smooth surface.