Western Performance Connected 10' Reins

Western Performance Connected 10' Reins
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Product Description

Western Performance Connected 10' Reins
5/8" x 10' flat buckle end reins with center connecting buckle, un-buckle for split rein option.

Made in the USA from American Wickett & Craig leather. Environmentally friendly leather, tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character, drum dyed to obtain deep uniform color and hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leathers that retain color and enduring supple qualities.

To clean this leather, you can use conditioners and cleaners and won't need to oil them to keep them soft. The naturally tanned leather also means that no painting or doctoring of the leather has been done to hide or disguise blemishes.

Natural color variations, range marks and blemishes are your assurance that these straps have been crafted from the finest full grain leathers.