SaddleRight XT2, Close Contact Contoured Pad

SaddleRight XT2, Close Contact Contoured Pad
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Product Description

SaddleRight XT2, Close Contact Contoured Pad
"After trying multiple saddle pads in different brands in different cuts and thicknesses, nothing worked under my new saddle that fits my odd shaped horse perfectly. I was experiencing rolling, as well as the saddle sliding all the way forward onto her neck, at this point I was extremely frustrated. I found SaddleRight pads through an online recommendation. I now do not experience any roll or slip while mounting, riding, or running barrels. The pad is also easy to clean and maintain, the workmanship and quality are superior and they have a lifetime guarantee. Thank you SaddleRight!"

• Constructed using specialized core material with proven orthopedic value.

• Core material is guaranteed never to compress, deform or degrade.

• SaddleRight does not use memory foam, gel foam, air bladders — all of which significantly increase pressure points on the horse.

• Unique core material moves and recoils with the movement of the horse.

Black Suede, 5/8" thick with Wither Relief Notch. Round measures 34" wide x 29" long - Square measures 30" wide x 30" long. Custom sizing is available as well. 100% Pressed Wool Felt bottom for optimal moisture wicking and temperature control.

Completely handmade in the USA for over 30 years!

The SaddleRight Lifetime Guarantee:

The outer covering of all SaddleRight pads is your first assurance of quality. We hand select only the finest quality leathers, 100% wool materials and other fine quality materials for every pad we manufacture. These materials not only add beauty, but are necessary for the function of your pad. When our unique orthopedic material is securely encased in our original cover (leather or wool), we guarantee that it will not compress or deform in any way for life.

1 year for workmanship on the covering. All return shipping charges will be paid by SaddleRight.

The SaddleRight Trade Back Program:

SaddleRight's Trade Back Program offers an opportunity to always have the perfect pad – whether it is time for a new look or just time for a new pad. Contact SaddleRight directly, then choose the style/color and other options of your new pad and pay 50% of the retail price plus shipping. Next, they will ship your new pad and when it arrives, just send your old pad back to them (regardless of condition) in the box provided. Return shipping is at the customer's expense. It’s that easy – really!