Harmony Western Dressage Saddle ™

Harmony Western Dressage Saddle ™
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Product Description

Harmony Western Dressage Saddle ™
"Would you rather perform your aerobic routine in wooden shoes custom carved for your feet, or a great pair of athletics shoes developed for moving continual support?"

The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ is the difference!

The Search For The Perfect Saddle Tree:

The heart of our Harmony Western Dressage Saddle is our exclusive hybrid molded elastomer tree. This 'unique/exclusive' (U/E) tree was developed and produced exclusively for Foxtrot USA by Steele Saddle Tree, LLC. Purveyors of Quality Saddle Trees for over 150 Years with lifetime guarantees.

It meets precise specifications, featuring unique combinations of endurance style balance and centered stirrup position incorporated into our Western Dressage Harmony Saddle. A Western Dressage concept put into production.

The Search For The Perfect Support Material:

Added to this saddle tree is the patented, exclusive technology of Sil-Cush, to give maximum protection as it cushions. This breathable, medical grade silicone foam allows air to easily flow through, helping moisture and heat to dissipate.

The Search For The Perfect Saddle Crafter, The Artist:

Our Harmony Western Dressage Saddles are American hand made one at a time, with expert attention to every detail from our 3rd generation custom Master Saddle Crafter. Starting with our ground seats - which are hand laid with multiple layers of leather carefully positioned, shaped, curved & sloped to match the pelvic tilt of an aligned rider. This provides a superior seat that allows for better performance & increased rider comfort.

The hides we choose are top quality full grain, environmentally friendly leather, tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character. Drum Dyed to obtain deep uniform color and hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leathers that retain color and enduring supple qualities.

**Each drum of dyed leather has its own unique characteristics and colors – no two drums of dyed leather are ever the same. Leather is a natural product; grain pattern and color will vary from hide to hide.

With the Sil-Cush technology, hybrid molded elastomer tree, expert hands on attention from our Master Saddle Crafter, traditional & Center Fire rigging options, deep seat, centered style stirrup placement with free swinging fenders this may just be the Perfect Saddle, for any riding discipline!

This saddle will be made for you, with any changes, modifications or additions you would like. Exclusively for you, designed by you - the sky is the limit! Give us a call or contact us by e-mail to explore your ideas for your truly one of a kind saddle.

**The standard engraved silver conchos are electroplated silver. Electroplated silver has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing - abrasive or chemical cleaners should not be used because they could result in removal of the protective finish - With normal use, electroplated silver may be subject to scratches which may allow tarnishing. Use only a soft cloth to buff.


Hybrid Molded Elastomer Tree
Hybrid Molded Elastomer Tree
This saddle tree is composed of a rigid fork and cantle assembled together with elastomer bars that move with the horse (Not a "flex tree"). The bars are molded of a specially developed elastomer - a material similar to a strong, rubber like work boot sole.

The rigid fork and cantle are necessary to prevent pinching and spine irritation caused by tree spread or flattening. The flexible, molded bars have just the right amount of flare to allow for unrestricted movement of the horses shoulders and hips while still providing equal distribution of weight down the horses back. The clear tunnel design also provides total spine freedom from any pressure.

Would you rather perform your aerobic routine in wooden shoes, or a great pair of athletics?

Tree: (U/E) Molded Elastomer - 21" bars. 100% Lifetime Warranty on this saddle tree made for the Harmony Saddle™ by Steele Saddle Tree, LLC.

*Cantle Height 5".

*Pommel Height 4".

*Seat: Perforated top grain leather seat.

*100% Alloy Horn: 3" x 1 3/4".

*Standard Gullet: 6 3/4" wide x 7" high.

*Wide Gullet: 7 1/2" x 7" high.

*Extra-Wide Gullet" 8" x 7" high.

*Rigging: In-Skirt or Dropped-D On Tree rigging choice with rear D center fire rigging option.

*Skirts: Round 24" x 14, Square Butterfly 26" x 15. Tunnel skirt design with Sil–Cush "no pressure point" padded bars and perforated leather skirt liner.

*Fenders: 19" x 8", 2 1/2" stirrup leathers with stainless steel leather wrapped Blevins Buckles. The stirrups accommodate petite legs to long legs measuring at fender length from 20" to 29". Measurements from center of seat down to stirrup are 28 1/2" to 37"

*Stirrups: Leather covered Visalia, 6" tread width with Sil–Cush padding. Helps prevent knee & ankle fatigue.

*Trim: Hand engraved, electro plated silver accents, Stainless Steel hardware with back crupper dee.

*Weight: 35 lbs.
SilCush Technology
SilCush Technology
SilCush has been tested and used at Georgia Tech and US Defense Aerospace Company for a number of Medical and Aerospace applications.

SilCush molds to the horses shape as the shoulders move and the back muscles work, distributing pressure evenly for a no pressure point fit! The memory foam seat and Silcush lined stirrups of this saddle afford the rider the same luxury feel and support.

SilCush is ultra durable and anti-microbial. It gives a “bouncy” feel contouring to the horse’s back instead of a “dead or stiff” feel like gel. It is also breathable unlike gel. SilCush has been proven to provide more support than SuperCore, because of its ability to mold and bounce - instead of just collapse. Traditional support materials, foams, gels and felts are not able to withstand the durability issues of supporting the saddle’s bars, they wind end up bottoming-out over short periods of time.

The results of SilCush are dramatic and proven superior when compared to other materials to provide a supportive, no pressure point fit.
Center Fire or Dropped Rigging Options
Center Fire or Dropped Rigging Options
You choose what best suits you & your horse. Our 3/4" Rigging is available In-Shirt or Dropped-D style. Both styles offer the Center Fire rigging option.

Traditional full style or 7/8 saddle rigging tends to pull straight down, concentrating the pressure in the front of the saddle. Athletic horses need to use the full range of their hips, shoulders and elbows, without a cinch or girth pressure to get in the way.

The 3/4 Rigging style directs pressure across the entire bars of the saddle and prevents pressure being concentrated in one spot.

The Center Fire style rigging option, directs pressure more across and towards the center of the seat, this rigging system avoids bulk under the rider's leg and can also give "chaff sensitive" horses girth relief.
Correct Dressage Position Achieved
Correct Dressage Position Achieved
A balanced seat does vary within the western riding sport world. Cattle work, reining, mounted shooting, etc. is most effective when the seat of the rider is behind the action. Quick stops, multiple direction changes at high rates of speed combined with ropes or guns, make the forward stirrup position (chair seat) very desirable for the locked in feel.

The building blocks of a supportive, balanced and comfortable ride cannot be easily assembled if the saddle you chose does not support the correct building block position for you and your western athletic horse.

The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle's centered style stirrup placement with free swinging fenders, helps to achieve the classic and correctly aligned rider position.

The center pocket style seat molds to the rider for a perfect fit, ranging from 13" to 18".

The higher cantle and cushioned seat minimizes the the actual seat measurement. Our base seat measurement starts 3" less than the traditional cantle measurement.