Diamond Wool Felt Corrector Adjustable Pad

Diamond Wool Felt Corrector Adjustable Pad
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Product Description

**This is a very clean demo pad, used two times**

The Black Gold Plus Pads are made with 1" 100% high-density Wool felt. This 30" x 30" pad is contoured along the spine, reinforced with distressed leather. Deeply cutback at the gullet with a wonderful adjustable leather strap at the withers area. No more bulkiness & pressure at the withers! Beveled cutouts under the wear leathers provide a close-contact feel for the riders leg.

Pure high density wool 1" pads offer 3x more compression and 4x greater wicking ability protection than synthetic pads.

While synthetics only trap moisture between the fibers, wool absorbs moisture away from your horse and insulates against both cold and heat. Since moisture absorption and release are gradual, wool is slow to feel damp and does not chill your horse by too rapid drying. In short, wool breathes.

Wool is an amazingly strong fiber composed of protein that grows with a crimped wavy form, providing excellent properties of elasticity and resilience. This unique structure enables wool to mesh with the hair on your horses back, which prevents the shifting of your pad while riding.

This resilient fiber is long wearing and has the ability to retain shape, drape well, and resist wrinkling due to natural elasticity. Wool cleans easily and will not soil or stain like synthetics because this unequaled structure withstands dirt penetration.

The felting process increases the strength, durability and shock absorbency of wool felt. This process also allows your pad to conform to the shape of your horses back to provide soft cushiony protection, for both horse and rider in the years to come.

Finally a cool, breathable pad offering the perfect layer of comfort and protection for your horses back, helping to improve the multitude of improperly fitted saddle problems out there.