The Western Bit Exchange


Are you tired of spending a small fortune looking for the bit your horse is dreaming about - while your bit collection grows and your horse is still not happy?

Send us one of your bits in good working condition to swap out for any one of the bits listed here. Any bits received that are not in good working order will be returned.

All of the bits listed in this Bit Exchange are inspected, cleaned and high temperature steam sanitized before they are offered for your consideration here.

A $35 processing and shipping fee is all you need. After you place your order for an Exchange Bit, we will ask you for a photo of your Swap Out Bit. Once you have our thumbs up, ship us your Swap Out Bit along with the last three numbers of your confirmation order e-mail notification. We will ship your Exchange Bit out then and send you an e-mail with shipping and tracking information.

More Exchange Bits will be listed here as our inventory grows. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us - we may already have it and it not be listed yet.